Thea Ellingsen Grant – Solo

Thea Ellingsen Grant plays together with her own musical intuition, her own images and patterns. The music derives from a fascination and love for musical resistance and realness in a specter of genres. Growing up in a creative home, surrounded by paintings and music, has had a clear impact on her texts and compositions. In awe of the unexplainable and mysterious she leaves plenty of room for interpretation and uses improvisation as a source of self-exploration, bringing forward hidden thoughts and impulses to be expressed musically and textually.

During the two years of exploring the solo format she has mainly composed and performed with dancers. Her first and ongoing collaboration was with Panta Rei Danseteater working on the performance Silence. Made together with contemporary choreographer Erik Kaiel. This performance toured Norway in 2018 and is frequently a part of different festivals and arrangements. This autumn they will tour South-West England followed by other international performances scheduled in 2020.

Working with Silence led to a continued collaboration with Erik Kaiel and his company Arch 8 where Theas’ compositions is the musical foundation for the performance Rising Tide. This piece was commissioned by the Purchase Art Centre in New York and premiered the 23rd of November with further international showings planned in 2020.

The fascination for the connection between sound and movement has led to further collaboration with contemporary dancer Anna Thu Schmidt. Improvising and exploring the waves created by time, space and connection inspired by the sea and its constant pulses.

The newly finished piece Super Romantic was debudet on the 14th of September 2018 at BareDans Festivalen – a solo performance combining voice and production. An embrace of her thoughts and concerns of modern life, taking on different personalities to alter between views close and far from her own. Her own compositions and productions combined with improvised voice sampling in an ever changing soundscape combining elements of classical music, prog rock, footwork and morning after party.

Credit: Ingvald Andre Vassbø

Image: Ingvald Andre Vassbø

Header Image: Hanne Gjeving

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